In continuing to improve the skills of our staff, we will be providing advanced educational opportunities for employees of Applied Behavior Center of Kuwait.

We would like to see curriculum for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD’s) translated into Arabic and made readily available for children in Kuwait.

We strive to educate the medical community on early signs of autism and related disorders, thereby insuring early and accurate diagnosis.

We are interested in increasing public awareness of ASD’s so that families are able to recognize early signs of autism and are informed of the treatment options available.

We would like to promote understanding of these disorders as to reduce the stigmas regarding autism and increase support networks for families dealing with ASD’s.


Through continued education, we hope to ensure the transfer of knowledge to a larger group of ASD professionals, thus making a high quality of services available throughout Kuwait.

We hope to ensure the diagnosis of children at the earliest possible age so quality therapy begins at onset and each child can reach their fullest potential.

We aspire to make children functioning members of society and in turn helping the child, their family, and society overcome the affects of autism.